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Stefan Jaeggi - Alpha


Image of Stefan Jaeggi - Alpha
  • Image of Stefan Jaeggi - Alpha
  • Image of Stefan Jaeggi - Alpha

„Between the construction and the reality exist a variety of states“ explained the artist Stefan Jaeggi. This edition shows exactly 51 possible states. In the progress of the 51 existing images there is a continuity of increasing red – layer, based on the „alpha“(original image). Each of 51 states of the „Alpha“ becomes a moment for itself through a print in the edition.


Alpha / gray card on an alpha channel in a photograph of a reproduction station on a stand (angle view of a straight shot)
Size: 33.3 X 44.4 cm
Technique: Inkjet Pigment Print, framed without glas
Edition: each piece je 1 + 2 AP, totally 51 pieces
Year: 2016

In this representation are the 51 pieces from black to red, also from 0% red – layer transformed to 50% red – layer presented. Every image in this representation corresponds one image of the 51-part edition. Every image represents a red increase of plus 1% to the last one.

The numbering starts top left with 0% and ended on the bottom right with 50%